Wednesday, June 30, 2010 : Cartoonist Takes Classic Strips Into War With WEAPON BROWN

A hard-boiled, cyborg Charlie Brown gets the revenge he's been due all his life.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pixar Wars

Pixar characters as Star Wars characters.

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Star Wars The Old Republic: An Excerpt from The Old Republic: Deceived!

Here's an excerpt from his excerpt:

Ahead, he saw the four towers surrounding the stacked tiers of the Jedi Temple, its ancient stone as orange as fire in the light of the setting sun. The civilians seemed to give it a wide berth, as if it were a holy place, rather than a place of sacrilege.

He would reduce it to rubble.

He walked toward it and fate walked beside him.

Statues of long-dead Jedi Masters lined the approach to the Temple’s enormous doorway. The setting sun stretched the statue’s tenebrous forms across the duracrete. He walked through the shadows and past them, noting some names: Odan Urr, Ooroo, Arca Jeth.

“You have been deceived,” he whispered to them. “Your time is past.”

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